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General Information:
The vehicle plates allow the identification of the vehicle the plates are attached to. In Ontario Licence plates are issued to individuals or Corporations and they can not be transferred to anyone else except in special circumstances.
Types of Licence Plates issued in Ontario: Passenger, Commercial, Trailer, Bus, School Bus, Motorcycle, Dealer, Diplomatic, Farm, Off Road Vehicle and Snow-Mobile.
Ontario regulations require that Licence plates must be used in pairs, and displayed at the front and back of the vehicle except for the following: Trailers, Dealers, Farms, Off Road and Motorcycles.
Vehicle Licensing - Validation Stickers

The Licence to use the roads in Ontario by Motor Vehicles must be paid once a year by the STAGGER DATE, which in the case of individuals is the birthday. In the case of non individuals (Corporations or operating as) the stagger date may be selected at will by the registrant. Corporations for example may choose their stagger date to match their year end.

On payment of the fee, the registrant receives a validation sticker which must be affixed to the top right corner of the plate. On passenger vehicles (automobiles, mini vans) ( Blue letters on white background ) the sticker must be placed on the rear plate while on all commercial vehicles ( Black letters on white background ) the sticker must be placed on the front plate.

The registrant also receives an additional paper sticker which must be affixed to the back of the Plate Portion of the registration, in order to validate such registration. The validation sticker expires at midnight on the staggered date and not at the end of the month indicated on the sticker.

Validation Sticker Renewal
Licence Plates must be validated BEFORE they expire. The Ministry may send an Invitation to renew but even if you don't receive the invitation it is your responsibility to renew before or on the expiration date.
Passenger vehicles plates always must be renewed until the next or second next birthday of the registrant, whereas commercial vehicles may be renewed for a period between 3 and 24 months.
Six to eight weeks before your licence expired the Ministry will mail to you an application for renewal. To renew your vehicle licence you must fill the following information:
- Name of the Insurance Company and the Policy Number,
- Odometer reading (mileage of the vehicle),
- Sign and date the form. You must present your registration at the moment of the renewal if the same is available.
If you did not receive the application for renewal or you lost it, the form will be re-printed for you at the licence office. Bring the above information and enough funds for your renewal.
Remember that your sticker expires at midnight on your birthday, and not at the end of the month.
The court will not accept as excuse for not renewing on time, your declaration that you did not receive the application in the mail.
More information about renewals at Vehicle Fees
Normally the owner of the vehicle is also the owner of the licence plates,
there are situations, however, as the case of the leasing contracts, where the vehicle is own by the lesser, usually a finance company, while the plate is own by the Lessee. In Ontario, licence plates are issued for life to the recipient and cannot be transferred. More on transfer of plates under Plate Transfer
Licence plate in Ontario is not transferable except in certain cases as follows:
  • Between spouses any type of plate.
  • Own Choice Plates (also known as personalized or vanity plates) may be transferred between parents and children.
Transfer of Passenger plates between individuals may be authorized under special circumstances by the legal department of the Ministry Of Transportation. The Donor and Recipient must agree en writing to the transfer, and the Recipient must sign an agreement that he/she will be responsible for any fines and denials that may be posted against the plate in the future because of past infractions.
Plate Replacement
A lost or stolen licence plate or a plate which number you don't like, may be replaced at any time at your local Licence Office
Documents Required:
  • Application - Requires the identification (R.I.N.) of owner
    Registration (Ownership) of both: The vehicle and the plates to be replaced.
The plates must be returned to the Ministry of Transportation.
If one plate is missing plate and it is not the validated plate, In order to obtain credit for the validation sticker it is necessary to return the validated plate
If the missing plate is the validated plate, In order to obtain credit for the validation sticker it is necessary to return the no validated plate along with a police report filled out with and signed by the constable on duty at any police station.
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