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Tractor-Trailer Licence's Requirements:

Truck drivers must meet special licence requirements before they can qualify to drive a tractor trailer. Under Ontario's graduated driver's licensing system, a Class A driver's licence is needed to drive a tractor trailer with a total gross weight in excess of 4600 kg.

In addition to meeting vision, hearing and medical standards set out in the National Safety Code, applicants for a Class A driver's licence must be at least 18 years old. They must pass a knowledge test. In addition, they must pass a road test which includes; a circle check of vehicle components; a test of off road maneuvering skill; an on road driving test; and a coupling/uncoupling test. Class

A drivers of air brake equipped units must also obtain a special air brake ("Z") endorsement. To apply for this endorsement, a driver must pass both a written and practical test of their knowledge of air brake operation that includes: brake system components; trailer systems and valves; dual air brake systems; brake adjustment; and brake inspection and warning signs. A Class A licence and air brake endorsement must be renewed every three years until age 65 and annually after that.

Training Counts

Professional drivers universally value driver training provided by experts. Professional drivers stress strongly the importance of proper instruction and the role it plays in road safety.

Just as a new driver learns his skills and attitudes from highly qualified professionals, A professional driver educator will assess you and integrate you into a planned classroom and in car program.

The ministry of transportation's Approved Schools have developed programs to meet the needs of those learning to drive for the first time and others wishing to improve their skills.

Instructors at the schools have taken special training programs and passed exams to meet both provincial and industry standards.

Graduates of Approved Schools are eligible for reduced road test waiting times and lower insurance premiums and, more importantly, become skilled and safety conscious drivers, true safety partners.

Licence Fees

Controlled Class ("Classified") Licence: Class A, B, C, D, E, F Test Fees



Complete Controlled Class Test - cost includes knowledge test and road test



Knowledge Test




Road Test




Complete Air Brake (Z) Endorsement Test



Air Brake (Z) Endorsement Practical Test



Driving Instructor Fees
Complete Driving Instructor Application – cost includes knowledge test, Level Two(Class G2) road test and administration fee



Original Driving Instructor Licensing Fee – this licensing fee will vary depending on date of application and applicant’s date of birth.

$1.25/month to date of expiry.

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